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Just a bit about Me!

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I am a mother of 4 (2 naturally & 2 by marriage). I have a dog named Cuddles (My Christmas present 2005 from Tiffany-who I also call my Christmas present-her birthday is Christmas Eve). And my daughter Tabitha has Cuddles's daughter who she named Magic. And my daughter Tiffany who now lives in the apartment above me, has a cat named Survivor (not after the TV show) and a dog named Bouncer. The other 2 live in the lower mainland far away from us.

I was diagnosed with Menieres Disease in the beginning of 2006. Although I had the symptoms for over 3 years before that. I don't leave my house much but when I do I take my walker/cane and one of  my kids, I call my kids my mommysitters as I need them to take care of me quite often. Which isn't easy since my husband Dennis had a stroke in Sept 2006 and needs alot of help too.

I go days at a time in a fog where I’m so woozy but not quite dizzy or sick to my stomach but I can't eat much cause if I do I feel like i'm going to and sometimes do vomit. My vision during these times is increasingly blurry. I get so weak during these times that I have to drink meal replacement shakes to keep my energy up. 

Occasionally I get so dizzy I can't stand, sit or lay down, and I vomit so much sometimes for days. That I have literally caused my self extreme pain in my stomach, and through to my back and have pulled muscles. My Doctor just nods his head and says yes I guess that would hurt. (Doctors are such a pain!!! Wouldn't it be great if they actually listened!!!) 

I spend a good portion of my time worried that one day nobody is going to be there to help me up when I fall.

I have a vivid picture in my head of me falling hitting my head and causing serious damage to myself and there being no one there to help. Or worse yet my daughter Tiffany being there and her trying to help me up and injuring her back, which is already not good for lifting. Or worse yet my younger daughter trying to lift me with her being so much smaller than the rest of us I fear that I could injure her while she is trying to help me.

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